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Kitty Wins Prestigious US Award

We are pleased to announce Kitty's Crumble has won the 2010 Editor's Choice Award from the United States publication "Pet Products News International." This award appears in the August issue and Kitty's Crumble will receive the award at SuperZoo in September. Read more (pdf)

Galuku launches Kritter's Crumble product range

The new product line with be on show at the 2010 SuperZoo in September. Kritter's Crumble, Nesting & Bedding Substrate is a natural home for all types of lizards, terrestrial snakes, arboreal snakes, turtles, frogs, rabbits, rodents, arachnids, nesting birds and other small animals.

To learn more visit Kritters Crumble


goWhat customers have to say about Kitty's Crumble

"I love this product! " 1 x 35L bag of Kitty's Crumble has lasted for a month with 15 cats using it with not an odor!!! It also is very easy to clean the litter box as it does not stick to the side! Read more Testimonials

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